Cardiology Drape Packs

Cardiovascular Drape Pack

REF. NO: 130.001.01

1Cardiovascular Drape240×340 cmBlue
1Bypass Split Drape150×240 cmBlue
2Diathermy Bag33×30 cmTransparent
4Op Tape10×50 cmBlue
4Hand Towel30×40 cmWhite
2Foot CoversBlue
1Mayo Stand Cover78×145 cmBlue
1Back Table Cover 150×190 cmBlue

It is used for open heart surgery. The patient is covered by paying attention to the direction signs on the drape. There is a fenestration on patient’s chest area and fenestration is covered with incision film. There is a special u split drape covering the perineal area. There are 2 pcs of foot covers for the patient. There are diathermy bags for various wastes.

Angiography Drape Pack


1Angiography Drape150×300 cmBlue
1Fluoroscopy CoverØ80 cmTransparent
4Hand Towel
30×40 cmWhite
1Back Table Cover
100×150 cmBlue

It is used for angiography operations. There are two holes at a distance of 70 cm from the head. The holes are covered with incision film. Fluoroscopy cover is used to prevent contamination of the existing device during operation.

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